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June 5, 2016

ERP on the Go

By Vinh Ly, GISP, CET, GIS Technologist


For oil and gas, the value proposition for mobility as a game changer is clear: higher production enabled through “information-at-the-finger-tips.” According to an Oil and Gas IQ survey of CIOs, IT Directors and project leader in the oil and gas industry, the #2 priority for CIOs in 2013 was mobile technology.


Every one knows that mobile is important, but many companies have not created a mobile strategy yet.


I remember, when I first came to Canada, road trip meant a bunch of fold-out maps stuffed into your glove box or your car door panel pockets. Pulling over, unfolding one like a giant newspaper, and then figuring out where you were and how it corresponded to what you were seeing through the windshield!


Now, how can you get lost with a smart phone? Mobile technology changes our lives, in a positive way, and it should change the way we work too!


Location information is important, especially in emergency response procedures. Location helps get information to the right person at the right time in the right context. Real-time operational intelligence helps save money, headaches and in some cases, lives. The benefits of mobility solutions extend beyond reduced costs.


With the mobile ERP app, employees can access critical response information from their smartphones, getting the key information they require even without cellular coverage. I think companies should take advantage of technology and exploit their existing resources. The next wave of mobile technology is already here, are you ready to deploy it?


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