Frequently Asked Questions

What are your skills?

We are an inspired group of people from various countries with complimentary education. Our team consists of people from many different disciplines including engineering, safety, training, journalism and linguistics.
We bring all these skills together to pool our knowledge and tackle problems from many angles.

What is the process?

We need to understand the geographic operations, the organizational structure, the hazards associated with the operations, the existing programs elements and the level of experience demonstrated by key staff.
Black Gold personnel are very experienced at asking the right questions to qualify and quantify the work required. Upon completing this due diligence assessment we provide a cost estimate and timeline to facilitate the work.
Upon approval, our team works hard to deliver quality and value while meeting all of the work objectives. 

What do you deliver?

Black Gold delivers customized, knowledge-based services to our clients. When clients hire Black Gold, they generally do so because of our company’s credibility and reputation. We excel at:

  • the steps
  • the structure
  • tips on how to set-up
  • deployment strategies
  • approved products
  • meaningful training and
  • results

How long is the process?

There are many critical success factors that dictate how long a particular implementation will take. We have broken down some of the more important ones into three areas: the business, data verification / exchange and the people.

  • Business facilities at distant geographical locations take a great deal more time to implement compared to an organization which is confined to one particular region.
  • Effective communication must occur to facilitate changes to be made so that the new system is accurate and complete. Great care must be exercised to efficiently exchange information in timely manner.
  • Implementation for a business with 5 users will consume much less time than one with more than a hundred. Not only will the required training will be much greater but there will a much greater need for effective project management.

How do you make sure we are compliant?

We navigate and coordinate projects in many different jurisdictions. Working with industry and regulators continuously requires us to remain proactive and knowledgeable so that we can provide sound advice and guidance.
We track project time, submissions, approvals, distributions, revisions and key milestone dates. When the time comes we send reminders to ensure that our clients remain compliant.

How do you make sure we are prepared?

The real key to being prepared lies in planning, preparing and practicing what you and your organization will do if an incident happens. Providing our customers with proven “field tested” plans is a very important element of our success.
Where we truly excel is in the delivery of impactful training that enables your team to demonstrate preparedness using a variety of tools.

How do you ensure our plans are accurate?

Our quality control plan ties everything together. It ensures that processes run as smoothly as possible producing acceptable output. Black Gold’s quality control plan focuses resources on process and product characteristics that are important to the customer. The proper allocation of resources on these major items helps to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

What am I paying for?

Black Gold bills satisfied customers not before positive results. We won’t send you a bill until we’ve delivered on our promise.

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