Public Consultation
Improve engagement
and trust with your
key stakeholders.

During the public consultation process, our people spend the time with each stakeholder impacted by the project or within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) to provide information about the operations and ensure that each stakeholder has the opportunity to ask questions.

We provide clarity about:

A well-designed public consultation program keeps residents in mind to ensure they are part of the emergency preparedness program. Success is measured by our client’s ability to respond effectively to public concerns, maintain credibility and increase public trust.
We have a proven track record of delivering effective consultation programs to a variety of sectors across North America.
In order to gather and maintain accurate emergency preparedness information, we can help you collaborate with:

Our public consultation specialists are trained to communicate openly, respectfully and responsibly in your community. We can help you by:


GPS technology helps reach key audiences

We use global positioning technology to determine the location and altitude of homes, businesses and public facilities that could be impacted by an emergency event with pinpoint accuracy. We download waypoints, routes and tracks so that our maps are accurate and complete.
In addition to engaging residents, we work with local authorities and government agencies across North America on a continuous basis to notify them of operations and to consult and coordinate with them regarding their roles and responsibilities. This collaboration is required for effective emergency response plan development and execution.

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