Rapid Notification System
When every minute
counts, trust us to get
your message out
quickly & clearly.

The Challenge

For a family downwind of a hazardous release, dropped calls can mean the difference between life and death. They need a telecom system that relays calls reliably even during outages and to multiple devices simultaneously.

The Problem

Your organization requires an alert and response solution that provides streamlined notification, response and coordination to multiple devices whenever it becomes necessary to notify people of an emergency. You also need to mobilize your response teams to assist in emergency situations. 


Where do you start?

We suggest that you evaluate rapid notification solutions based on the following key criteria:

The Solution

Black Gold has partnered with a cutting-edge communications technology company that provides reliable, real-time communications to stakeholders—even during power outages.

Instantaneous, reliable telecommunications during emergencies

This web-based telecommunications product Enhanced Messaging Application (EMA) enables users to immediately send multiple messages to stakeholders (i.e. licensee, local residents and government agencies) in the event of an incident. It has the capability to send:

The instantaneous web-based reporting allows users to respond more efficiently during an emergency and within the regulatory notification requirements.
Beyond emergencies, this telecommunication system can be applied to any situation where communication to multiple stakeholders is required such as important business continuity announcements to company staff.

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